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Each character in ‘The Witcher’ is so engaging. However, Yennefer has got her league. Among all the witches, mages, and sorceresses, Yennefer from ‘The Witcher’ is the one that left its impression upon the audience. She appeared in one of the titles, and her amazing sense of style has won many hearts. Yennefer has been a conduit who can harness magical power without going through any modification. Here are some unknown facts about Yennefer that you would love to know.

Yennefer was an important part of In The Witcher Battle Arena

In The Witcher Battle Arena, Yennefer is an important character. The users had to take part online in the game with the help of the best characters. But this was a short-lived game where players had to compete with others in a 6-player battle. They had to earn three points before heading toward a death match.

Yennefer seems to have a Deep love for Apple juice

Can you imagine Yennefer falling for apple juice? On their first meet-up, Yennefer and Geralt met; he got her favor with some apple juice. The action was simple and witty, and Yennefer helped Geralt in saving Dandelion.

Yennefer is a Byronic Hero

The concept of a Byronic hero generally does not fit with female characters. But Yennefer has been cold and withdrew herself from those she felt were not worth her time. Yennefer has been intelligent and very ambitious. She came up selfish even with Geralt though they used to be in a relationship with each other.

Yennefer has gone to a massive extent for love

Before you move on with The Witcher drama show facts, here is an unknown fact. Every character in The Witcher has been doing bad things, and Yennefer did the same. Not only did she brainwash Geralt, but she also transformed him into a puppet because she wanted an act of revenge for wrongs done to her. She never denied the fact that she could be cruel to Geralt.

Yennefer had a Hunchback

So, you know that the ethereal features of Yennefer were not inherited. Yennefer of Vengerberg had a hunchback, distorted body shape, and crooked shoulders. Her disformity made her face a rough childhood. The worst part was that her father left her because of her appearance. Yennefer’s mother was blamed, as he thought she was the reason why she had the hunchback.

Yennefer tried committing suicide once

As the World of Witcher compendium says, Yennefer tried committing suicide. When she was a kid, she was abused, and the hunchback made her live in depression. As a student in Aretuza, she tried killing herself. She cut her forearms and damaged her tendons.

A Terrible Childhood Yennefer had to face

In The Witcher 3, she emerged as a confident and proud character; Yennefer had faced a lot of distress, abuse, and trauma since childhood. Her father caused her intolerable mental and physical pain. It is true that he left her eventually; this never made her youth any easier. After his father’s departure, Yennefer faced her mother’s rage. She not only made Yennefer the reason for his departure, but she also used to beat her up. This was when Yennefer tried committing suicide to get rid of this torment. Thanks to the mages of Aretuza, who found her inner power and helped her to live a better life.

Yennefer’s Age

They always say that you should never ask a woman her age. So is true for Yennefer. Mages live longer than the regular lifespan of a creature. Yennefer was born in 1173. But in 1271, when the game turned out to be one of the most favorites, it was revealed that Yennefer was 98 years old. Though her features and beauty have been inexplicable, it seems like she never ages. At a glance, she seems to be in her twenties forever.

Yennefer had Elven blood 

Though The Witcher has a predominant racist theme directed towards non-human creatures, including elves, dwarves, and more. It is one of the most interesting facts about Yennefer that she looks all human. But she is born from a father who is human and a mother who is half-elven. Thus, she has human features and the elves’ magical power.

The Bond Yennefer and Ciri Shared

When Sodden Hill’s battle stopped, Geralt asked for Yennefer’s assistance in bringing up Ciri, the Source. Hence the relationship between Yennefer and Ciri turned into a better one. Yennefer taught her magical arts in the Temple of Melitele. It was not a mere relationship between a teacher and her student. They were more like a mother and daughter.


So, these were the unknown traits of Yennefer one must know. If you are yet to know about ‘The Witcher’, give yourself some time before you start with the game.

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