interesting facts about various social media platforms

Its 2024 and we absolutely cannot imagine our lives with social media anymore. From YouTube to Instagram and Snapchat to X Threads, there’s a new platform popping out of the ground every few years and people go crazy over it. Over the years, social media has become more than just means to entertainment; it is not a platform for business, marketing, education and even awareness about social and political issues. You can’t deny that these days we get more world news on social media than on actual news channels. While social media has now become an indispensable part of our lives, it is time to pause and ask ourselves if we know everything about it. And today that is just what we plan to talk about. Let us dive into the world of social media and unearth 6 super interesting facts about various social media platforms.

Written content is still the boss

While Photo and video-centred apps like Snapchat and Instagram skyrocketed with popularity, the world started believing that entertainment is entirely visual now. But that isn’t really the case with social media platforms. As there is a strongly growing viewership for visual content, there is an equally big audience for written content. Twitter was the proof for this fact. Written content is still key. More than 50% of marketers still consider articles, blog posts and other written media as the most important and also influential kind of social content. That’s definitely good news for the bibliophiles.

Prime time

Another one of the interesting facts about various social media platforms is this. Did you know that if you post at a specific time every single day, your viewership is likely to grow at a faster rate. This is true for both written as well as visual content. Apparently, just like sitcoms on the television, there is a prime time for social media posts too and that is from 8 to 12 at night, with weekends being the best bet.

Prime days

There are different times and days of the week for posts of different niches. For example, fitness posts will be highly viewed on Mondays as people plan to start afresh at the beginning of the week, whereas motivational and inspirational posts or quotes will be more viewed on Wednesdays when people need the push to make it through their work week.

Shorter reels only!

With a significant decrease in the attention span of viewers, if you want to gain quick popularity, it helps to post videos more than pictures but make them no longer than 30 seconds. Although some platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer the reels option for videos as long as 90 minutes, but they are seldom watched till the end, which is why we see ‘Watch till the end’ written on most videos these days. So much for focus and concentration. Bestaccounts is your go-to-hub for diverse content, top social media influencers, and stunning hot girls.

Facebook – still going strong

While the youngsters might be thinking of Facebook as an oldie, the ancestor of modern age social media platforms, you’ll be amazed to know that it is still one of the top platforms. As the newer generation has shifted to Instagram, snapchat and Threads, Facebook has established its position in the market more than just a chatting or posting app. It might seem that the once beloved Facebook is growing obsolete, but that is far from the truth. Facebook Marketplace is taking its rightful place in finding new jobs, starting new businesses. In fact, every 5 seconds, there is a new Facebook profile being created. Isn’t that amazing!

Twitter is for the bibliophiles and intellectuals, or so it may seem. But honestly it is for the oldies now. Yes, demographics suggest that the age bracket of users growing on Twitter is between 50 to 70. Let’s just say at least one platform won’t be filled with dancing reels now.

Social media is an integral part of our life now an has its boons and banes together. As long as we use it wisely, it will continue being an ally.

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