facts about processed foods

In the present times we live in a world which has no dearth of processed. Processed food is so widespread that all of us consume it every day in some form or the other. Processed are food items that have been altered from their natural state for several reasons. One reason is to make them more palatable, for example adding of sugar to cereals to make them tastier. Second reason is for safety such as pasteurization of milk to kill the harmful bacteria. And thirdly, to increase their shelf life in case of canned foods. However, research has shown that all kinds of processed foods are good for health. Here are a few facts about processed foods that you should know before you consume them.

– Processed foods are highly addictive. Certain processed foods are very addictive and will make you crave for them constantly. Ever wondered why you can’t stop munching on those tasty snacks? The reason is that eating those snacks releases dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. It stimulates your brain in a way which is similar to cocaine. This can be detrimental to your health because most processed foods contain harmful ingredients. If you are wondering why are processed foods bad, then this is one of the reasons.

– One of the most shocking facts about processed foods is that they contain no nutrients. While there are a few heathy processed foods like pasteurized milk, there are plenty which do not provide us with any valuable nutrients at all. The processing of the foods removes all nutrients, vitamins and fiber from these eatables. Therefore, they provide only momentary feeling of fullness without adding any benefit to the body.

– Some of the highly processed foods like meat, dried fruit and vegetables contain some toxic elements that are extremely harmful for the body. This is done to alter the taste and texture of the food. Preservatives like sulphites are associated with headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and asthma and skin rashes. Processed foods contain high amounts of sugar that can lead to obesity.

– There are certain foods that are created in a laboratory. These foods are genetically engineered and are not natural. Eating these processed foods on a regular bass can interfere with your normal bowel movements and cause gastrointestinal disorders, damage internal organs and cause infertility in the long run.

– Among the many facts about eating processed food is that they can cause some life threatening diseases like cancer. Consuming processed foods increases the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes and cancer which are potentially like threatening. They contribute to 70% of the calories and certain ingredients are harmful for the human body and have the ability to cripple you. The fat accumulated due to these foods are harder to burn and become the root cause of lifestyle diseases.

– An unknown fact about processed foods is that they have the ability to alter your mood. As mentioned earlier, the ingredients in processed foods interacts with the hormones in your body. That why they are more addictive. Additionally, frequent intake of processed foods can make you more irritable and angry. Eating natural foods can sustain energy levels and regulate your moods to make you feel calmer.

– Last but not the least, in a market where most of the processed foods are unhealthy, there are a few healthy ones that you can enjoy without guilt. Some processed foods like curd, blueberry jams, peanut butter and home-made cranberry, apple and other fruit juices are harmless. They are the healthy choices that one can make to live longer.

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