facts about the Annabelle doll

The people who like to watch horror movies must be quite familiar with the Annabelle doll. For those of you who aren’t, the Annabelle doll is a haunted doll who supposedly brings danger to people who interact with it. The Annabelle doll made an appearance in the horror movie The Conjuring and thereafter a separate movie was made on the doll where it was the main antagonist. The movie, however, is fictional but there is a real Annabelle doll that exists. Listed below are some true and terrifying facts about the Annabelle doll.

The real life Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann doll

Unlike its depiction in the movies, the real Annabelle doll is just a Raggedy Ann doll. In the movies they showed a scary looking plastic doll but in reality, the Annabelle doll looks very ordinary.

It is kept at the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut

In the movies, the Annabelle doll was shown to be encased in a glass chamber but in reality the Annabelle doll is kept in the Warren Occult Museum inside a wooden chamber that warns people not to open it. This case has a tarot devil card known as “The Demonic” stuck in front of it.

It was a gift to a nursing student in 1970’s

In 1970, a woman bought the Annabelle doll from a second hand store as present for her daughter Donna who was a nursing student. It is not certain if the Raggedy Ann Doll had any paranormal influences while it was in that store. However, strange things started happening after Donna received it as gift from her mother.

The doll can apparently move by itself

One of the most terrifying facts about the Annabelle doll is that apparently the possessed doll can move by herself. Donna often noticed that the doll would be in a different place than where she left it. Sometimes, the doll moved across rooms in her absence. Donna mentions that once she left the doll on the couch and returned home to find the doll in her bedroom with the door closed.

The doll used to write messages to Donna

Donna has reported that she found small notes around the house that were apparently written by the doll. She claims to have found notes saying “Help Us” on a parchment paper in a child’s handwriting.

The doll was possessed by an inhumane spirit

After being disturbed by the strange activities, Donna decided to investigate the matter with the doll and invited a medium to see what was going on. The medium discovered the spirit of a 7 year old girl inside the doll who had died on the property and was comfortable living with Donna and her friend. However, after the Warrens investigated the case, it was found that the doll was possessed by an inhumane spirit that was in search of possessing a human body.

People have been harmed by the doll

A priest, who once visited the doll at the Warren Occult Museum, commented that the doll can’t hurt anyone and was reportedly involved in a near fatal car crash after the visit. Another couple who poked fun at the doll met with a motorcycle accident on their way back which claimed the life of one of them.

Circumambulation is done regularly at the Museum

The Warrens take every precaution to avoid any mishaps to the visitors of the doll. Prayers are offered by the priests in the area where the Annabelle doll is kept in the Warren Occult Museum in order to keep any harm at bay. They also warn the visitors to not touch the case and look at the doll for too long.